Luxury Loft Rentals in River North on Fire

Luxury rentals in River North are extremely hot right now, but being one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of downtown Chicago, that’s hardly surprising. Often times, upscale apartments or condos for rent in buildings like Trump Tower, 2 W. Delaware, and 50 E. Chestnut get a lot of publicity, but if you’re looking for something with a little more character or historical significance, there’s nothing quite like a River North loft.

Whether you’re looking for a more modern and contemporary soft-loft kind of feel like what you’ll find over at 630 N. Franklin or 858 N. Franklin or perhaps want a more authentic loft space like 758 N. Larrabee or the Ontario Street Lofts have to offer, River North has quite the section of unique loft spaces for rent, and even at prices that won’t break that bank.

If you’re interested in River North lofts for rent or other luxury Chicago rentals currently on the market, contact our professional team of downtown Chicago real estate agents over at Chicago’s Property Shop to get a better feel for the inventory or to schedule a private showing for an apartment you might want to see in person!


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